How I Finally Cleared up my Acne


For so long I have struggled with my skincare routine. My trouble was that I just couldn’t stick to a standard routine and was buying more and more products based on their false claims that they could *miraculously* cure my acne, while giving me perfectly glowy skin. The constant switching of products in and out of my skincare routine just didn’t help.

Fast-forward just over a year and I am finally so happy with my skincare routine and the results it has given – so I thought I would share with you what has changed. Like honestly, you would not believe the state of my skin before, and looking at it now. Stupidly, I never took any before pictures to show my skin previously, so you will just have to take my word!

I have suffered with acne since I was in my early teens and it has always been something that has affected my confidence. And because of this I was sucked into buying so many uneccessary products that could ‘help’, but unfortunately I found none of them to have real long-term effects.

Yes, there were a few that did slightly help, like the Pixi Glow Tonic but the majority were just complete duds.

It was while I was having my brows done in a local beauty salon and having general chit chat/moan about how my skin was playing up, that they suggested I come in for a free Environ skin scan analysis. At this point I was willing to try anything and everything that could help, so I booked myself in.

During the skin scan analysis, you stick your face into this machine which takes a photo to see the various layers of your skin. It breaks it down to the amount of bacteria on the skin, sun damage and other problem areas. Obviously the photos don’t look the nicest, but the consultant can then suggest different products that can deal with the problem areas.

AMy main issues were blemishes and oily skin that came along with the acne. So based on this, the consultant recommended a few Environ products that could potentially help clear my skin up. So a year on, I am still using these products and super happy with my skin.

What is Environ Skincare?

Environ is a super sciency Vitamin A based skincare brand that can only be purchased in approved salons. The products combine both science and technology to produce long-lasting results that can undue years worth of sun damage and more.

The main Environ product is the AVST Moisturiser which works on a step up system. As a result of the levels of Vitamin A in each moisturiser, you have to work your way up through each level of moisturiser.

The Environ Products I Used to Clear up my Acne

Environ AVST Moisturiser

As mentioned above, this mosituriser is based on a step-up system, so I have gradually worked my way up to AVST 4 out of 5. The improvements I have seen in my skin is amazing. It shows through each skin scan appointment I have attended (you usually go every 3 months).

I previously suffered from a lot of redness from broken capillaries, particularly around my nose, which has now reduced massively.

Environ Sebuwash Cleansing Gel

So unlike most foaming face washes targeted at oily skin, this one does not totally dry your skin out. It just helps remove impurities and unclog pores using Salicylic Acid. I normally use this once a day when I’m in the shower. My skin feels SO good after using it – just really clean and fresh.

Quite honestly, this has played a big part in balancing the oiliness of my skin. My skin is much more mattified now so I don’t have to worry quite so much about topping up my powder to reduce shine throughout the day.

Environ Moisturising Toner

This is slightly different to your usual toner. First off it is exfoliating as it gently evens skin tone, but then the way in which you apply it isn’t like your normal toners. Instead of putting it on a cotton pad and wiping over your face, you just put a little of the liquid into the palm of your hand and wipe it over your face. No rinse required!

This has been so great at evening my skin tone alongside the other products I have been using. Plus the bottle lasts for absolutely ages so is definitely worth it!

The Lifestyle Change that Helped Clear my Skin

Obviously there are going to be certain times of the month that my skin isn’t at its best. Due to hormones it can actually be hard to change this. BUT I somehow stumbled across something that has honestly changed my life and helped reduce my acne even when it isthat time of the month.

Quite recently I have been tracking my meals in an attempt to limit my snacking. And after a couple of weeks of this, I started to notice a difference in my skin. My skin honestly had never looked better, so I had a look at what I had been eating to see if there was a link. I soon realised I had completely unintentionally reduced my intake of dairy, and by that I mean cheese…

My healthier diet meant I wasn’t eating some form of cheese everyday. I had read previously that dairy can be linked to acne but obviously never paid much attention to it as I love cheese and just assumed it wouldn’t work for me. But clearly it did!

So since then I have tried to continue with a lower intake of cheese in my diet and my skin has continued to thank me for it. I obviously will never be able to cut dairy out fully from my diet as cheese is life, but I’m just making a conscious effort to see it as a ‘treat’.

Final Points

I realise that this is an absolute beast of a post so I thought I would break it down into the key points if you are to take away anything:

Don’t mix up your skincare products. Your skin needs a minimum of 4 weeks to get used to a product and for you to see results. Constantly switching up products will only have a negative impact on your skin.Invest in your skincare. Yes, Environ is expensive, but the price is so worth it. The results have been insane and plus the products last ages. I ended up saving money in the end because I wasn’t buying every single product on the market that claimed to cure acne.Try to reduce your dairy intake to see if that makes a difference to your acne.Remember that everyone’s skin is different and what works for me might not always work for you.Perfect skin is impossible. I might have cleared mine up, but I still get the odd spot here and there.And one final tip – stop touching your face throughout the day!

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