Revive with the Buccal Magic!

One of my most popular treatments is whats called the 'Buccal Massage'. It consists of an inner mouth massage (as well as a complete lymph drainage massage), which gets to the innermost muscles within your jaw and face. 

'Why would anyone want to do this?', I hear you ask! Well apart from being amazing for those who suffer from deep breakouts and skin problems such as acne and rosacea, it can release years worth of built up tension that is kept in the jaw. 

So great for the jaw clensher's and teeth grinders but also amazing for anyone who suffers from headaches, sinus issues, stiff necks, tiredness and fatigue amongst other things.

Literally years worth of built up stress and tension can be released and you can start to feel amazingly light.

I've had clients remark on how bright their eyes feel, how they have slept better, how different their face feels etc etc. It's amazing!

The jaw and the muscles within it are some of the strongest in the whole body and can take on enormous amounts of tension and stress, it feels amazing when these are relaxed and loosened.

One Buccal facial massage is 45 minutes on its own , or you can add a quicker version to any massage (15 mins).

One is good, but a course of at least 4-5  with continual 'maintenance' once every 1-2 months is the best way to keep your jaw, head and mind happy.

 The Buccal massage can help with most of these symptoms.

 No wonder it's Megan Markle's favourite facial!

So you all know what it can help with but there's another benefit too!

Actually it's probably the most common reason to have this massage now. It's actually amazing for sculpting, toning and lifting the face. 

Feeding the muscles with vital nutrients with improved blood flow, they become more plump and firm, making you look and feel younger. Toxins are drained out and stagnant lymph flow and energy is removed. This improves not only the skins health but the muscle health as well.

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Prices depend on location (Harley Street, Bank, london and Chelmford, Essex)

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