At  Louise Frosts new Harley Street location, her facials include some of the most bespoke aspects of tailor -made treatments.

She wanted the holistic side of her treatments to be the main focus this time, with the amazing results of the skin to be an added bonus. And what a bonus! Every client is guaranteed to float out with glowing skin. Body and mind are joined together in unrivalled perfection. 

You really can have the best of both worlds.

Louise Frost Signature Facial 1hr - £120

Louise Frost Signature Facial 1.5 hr - £160

A bespoke facial involving a customised blend of BHA exfoliation or microdermabrasion, derma rolling, Environ Ionzyme DF11 (sound wave technology for product penetration), led light therapy and aromatherapy massage using tailored blends of essential oils. 

This custom facial is suitable for those with normal, acne/breakout prone, rosacea and sensitive skins as every component is tailored to suit you and your skin. Allow Louise to utilise her weatlth of knowledge and various techniques and customise them to you, the individual.

Micro-current Face Lift (Magic Gloves)  1hr - £120

Harnessing the power of non-surgical face lifts into gloves (usually in probes) that the therapist wears to lift and tone your face muscles. A light microdermabrasion is an added benefit as well as being great for draining toxins and increasing blood flow to the skin

Pore -Perfect    1hr 15mins - £110

Light skin peels are applied, blackheads are extracted under steam and receive the first of 2 masks. The first is Diatomaceous Earth to refine and  remineralise the skin and to draw out impurities. The second is a cooling gel mask which is combined with blue LED light therapy to calm the skin and clear bacteria from the surface. Enjoy Louise's customised aromatherapy massage using essential oils.

Signature Mind & Body Facial   1hr - £100

A facial that connects mind, body and spirit in relaxation in the most comforting way. Louise's unique blend of aromatherapy oils which comfort, calm and relax are like a warm hug. The mind is quietened and the soul rested. Yet in true Louise style, the science is added to leave your skin feeling and looking it's optimal best.

 100% natural ingredients are used in Louise's signature holistic facial.

Buccal Face Sculpting Massage 45 mins - £100

Using the hands to massage deep into the inner mouth jaw, sinuses and around the eyes for an intense detoxifying drainage massage to rid the skin of impurities, blocked energy and stagnant lymph and blood flow. Skin is revitalised, muscles are toned, lifted, strengthened and plumped and skin is left pure and free from blockages, breakouts and tension.  Natural Jade Guasha is also used to aid in lymphatic drainage.

This massage is also amazing relief for those who suffer from jaw tension, teeth grinding and insomnia.

Buccal add-on      25 mins - £50

Add the power of Buccal to any facial treatment


Bespoke De-stress Massage   50mins  - £90

Using tailored essential oils Louise combines a back, neck & shoulder massage and finishes with a face and scalp massage.

Gates to Consciousness  50mins  - £100

Do you know how important it is to keep the area at the back of your neck, under your skull clear of tension ? This is the area that all of your body's blood, oxygen, nutrients, hormones and messages from the brain travel through. Continual tension and stress built up in this area can lead to headaches, brain-fog, poor memory, dizziness, insomnia, hormone imbalances, arthritis, jaw ache and stiffness in the muscles. On a holistic level this is the area where we receive messages from our spiritual self. Keeping it free from tension works on many levels. Louise of course uses tailor-made essential oil blends to complement this grounding massage that brings clarity to the mind.

Signature Blend Mind & Body  1hr - £120

Concentrating on the areas of the body that bring about total immediate relaxation whilst grounding, comforting and enlightening. Knots and tension are released and the mind centered and calmed. 

Signature Pregnancy Massage 45 mins  -  £95

Not being able to lay on your tummy is one of the downsides to being pregnant. Imagine how it feels not only receiving a muscle easing massage but whilst laying on your front!

With Louise's custom made cushion you can indeed lay on your front without squishing baby. 100% just what you need


Bridal Package

Take time out from the chaos of Wedding organisation to relax and pamper yourself, ready for the big day.

Light refreshments are provided and an optional glass of Bubbly! Approx 3hs.

40 min Mind & Body Signature Massage

Gel hands and toes (Bio Sculpture Gel)

Semi Permanent Lashes

Eyebrow Shape & Tint


Pregnancy Package

Relax and prepare for the arrival of your little one with a luxurious massage on a cosy heated bed, enjoy a relaxing facial with calming music and candles, and leave feeling glam with feet, bikini line and eyebrows done!

Light refreshments are provided. Non alcoholic bubbly and fruits. Approx 2 hrs.

30 min Pregnancy Back massage (in custom cushion so you get to lie on your front!)

30 min Relaxing Facial 

Bikini Wax (Brazillian/Hollwood extra £10)

Gel Toes with Massage (Bio Sculpture Gel)

Eyebrow Shape


Skin Rejuvenation Programme

Unless you want to go down the surgical route, then giving your skin a complete rejuvenation will need a few different approaches. I always aim for great results, yet using techniques that are as natural as possible and utilise the skins own regeneration and healing system. 

With this programme you can look forward to newer, younger, brighter, firmer looking skin and advice on how to maintain that naturally.

4 x derma rolling  sessions 

4 x Environ Collagen boost facials with LED face mask

1 x Plasma Fibroblast (2 areas)

1 x 'Advanced Nutrition Programe' Post Procedure supplements

(Package worth £1560)


Plasma Fibroblast

Please go to the Plasma Fibroblast page on this webite for more info. 

I currently take consultations via zoom before booking your treatment.

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