Exciting times for Louise Frost Skincare & Wellbeing!

2018 was a great year full of change for me which to be honest, I'm still adjusting to! This was the first Christmas in over 10 years that I wasn't uber stressed out running a super busy salon during December and the first Christmas ever that I wasn't working. Hoorah! Get out the Champers!

This year has been all about slowing down, taking more time for myself and creating a more harmonious work/life balance.

But......! There's always a 'but' with me, I'm always eager to get my teeth into something and having run my own businesses and salons since I was 23, making the leap to working from home was huge (and a breath of fresh air). So to satisfy the business 'go-getter' in me as well as the part of me that wants to slow down, I've decided to dedicate 1 (just1!) of my days to branch into a new area.

So I'm swapping my terrible commute of 25 seconds to a commute of 40 minutes that takes me into the heart of London, to Harley Street, one day a week.

Renowned for it's concentrated mix of high end treatments, therapists, medical practitioners and all things mind & body related, I hope to bring my unique fusion of scientific yet holistic skincare & wellbeing to a whole new clientele.

A new treatment list has been created that really concentrates on science meets spiritual, resulting in some seriously good skincare.

Purely sticking to massage, facials and nutrition, I can concentrate 100% on doing what I do best, improving peoples skin, wellbeing and ultimately... happiness!

There is also the possibility of treatments at BANK, LONDON in the near future as well, so if you live or work in or around the area of Bank, Liverpool Street, London, and would be interested in my treatments please get in touch!

Just to wet your appetite here's a description of the treatments I will be offering at Harley Street.

At Louise Frost's new Harley Street location, her facials include some of the most bespoke aspects of tailor-made treatments. She wanted the holistic side of her treatments to be the main focus this time, with the amazing results from the skin treatment to be an added bonus. And what a bonus! Every clients is guaranteed to float out with glowing skin. Body & mind are joined together in complete unrivaled perfection. You really can have the ultimate best of both worlds.

Louise Frost Signature Facial 1hr - £120

Louise Frost Signature Facial 1.5 hr - £160

A bespoke facial involving a customised blend of BHA or microdermabrasion, derma rolling, Environ Ionzyme DF11, led light therapy and aromatherapy massage using tailored blends of essential oils

Environ Ionzyme DF11 1 hr - £95

Environ Ionzyme DF11 1 .5 hr - £135

Enhanced product penetration using the Ionzyme soundwave machine, which is equivalent to 70 normal 'hands-on facials. Vitamins and ultra hydrating hyalouronic acid are pushed deep into the deepest layers of skin where they can directly heal and repair damaged cells. Results even from just one facial will leave you amazed.

Enjoy Louise's customised aromatherapy massage using essential oils.

Acne Cool Peels + Led Blue light Therapy 1 hr - £110

If you are having problematic breakouts, suffer from acne or rosacea and want to tackle the issue head on then a course of 6 treatments is highly recommended. Instead of the aggressive acid peels of old, which can strip away vital layers of the fragile epidermis, this uses a lower concentration of lactic acid over light, repetitive treatments. The aim is a more gentle but effective way to achieve healthier skin, with less redness. Combine the treatments with a nutrition and supplement consultation for maximum quick results.

Enjoy Louise's customised aromatherapy massage using essential oils.

Pore -Perfect 1hr 15mins - £110

Light skin peels are applied, blackheads are extracted under steam and receive the first of 2 masks. The first is Diatomaceous Earth to refine and remineralise the skin and to draw out impurities. The second is a cooling gel mask which is combined with blue LED light therapy to calm the skin and clear bacteria from the surface. Enjoy Louise's customised aromatherapy massage using essential oils.

'In-the-Red' 1 hr - £110

Skin is resurfaced using skin peels, impurities are removed using a detoxifying drainage massage with oils from Louise's 'Calm' blend of essential oils. Blue & Yellow LED light is used to then help with the signs of rosacea.

Signature Mind & Body Facial 1hr - £100

A facial that connects mind, body and spirit in relaxation in the most comforting way. Louise's unique blend of aromatherapy oils which comfort, calm and relax are like a warm hug. The mind is quietened and the soul rested. 100% natural ingredients are used in Louise's signature holistic facial.


Bespoke De-stress Massage 50mins - £90

Using tailored essential oils Louise combines a back, neck & shoulder massage and finishes with a face and scalp massage.

Bespoke De-Stress Massage 30 mins - £45

Gates to Consciousness 50mins - £100

Do you know how important it is to keep the area at the back of your neck, under your skull clear of tension ? This is the area that all of your body's blood, oxygen, nutrients, hormones and messages from the brain travel through. Continual tension and stress built up in this area can lead to headaches, brain-fog, poor memory, dizziness, insomnia, hormone imbalances, arthritis, jaw ache and stiffness in the muscles. On a holistic level this is the area where we receive messages from our spiritual self. Keeping it free from tension works on many levels. Louise of course uses tailor-made essential oil blends to complement this grounding massage that brings clarity to the mind.

Signature Blend Mind & Body 1hr - £120

Concentrating on the areas of the body that bring about total immediate relaxation whilst grounding, comforting and enlightening. Knots and tension are released and the mind centered and calmed.

As you can see the treatment list is more complex and holistic than my Chelmsford treatments, however all treatments are available at the Chelmsford location.

Of course, if you know how I work you will know that alongside holistic skincare and wellbeing I also include scientific and more aesthetic skin treatments, such as Plasma Fibroblast. This is a skin tightening, wrinkle removing and eyelid lifting treatment/procedure and can also enlarge and plump lips!

Prices start from £200 and go up to £1500 for the full face and neck. For more information please visit my website and go to the Plasma Fibroblast page.

Please call/text or message for individual prices. There is already a waiting list I'm afraid, so I am taking deposits for any new bookings now.