Bio Sculpture Gel Nails

You may have heard of Bio Sculpture , they have been around for as long as I can remember. But what’s the difference between Bio nails and normal gel nails such as Shellac etc? 

Well the Bio Sculpture Gel system has Keratin in it for a start, so it’s healthier and less drying for the nails.  Your colour will last you 2 weeks minimum, with most of my customers averaging 2-4 weeks. Obviously there’s re-growth so people tend to stick to the 2 week appointments. 

Bio Sculpture won’t chip or break as its flexible so will bend with your nails. 

There’s a huge choice of colours and glitters so you can change your colour as often as you like and not get bored!

In my Chelmsford location I charge £25 for a full set of Bio Sculpture gel nails. I do charge a bit more in Harley Street , London of course due the higher outgoings. 

So why not try Bio Sculpture , I know you’ll be hooked. I personally have had Bio Sculpture on my nails for at least 7 years!

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