Discover a new way to rid the body of the party seasons excesses and literally turn back the clock on ageing.

So here's the thing..... I'm going to drop a bombshell on you guys today when it comes to detox and anti ageing information.

Now in my 'spiritual' ( I say spiritual but what I mean is physics, like the law of attraction, you are what you think etc), I came across something that many people all over the world do to cleanse the body and mind. Be it once a year at Easter (for Orthodox Christians), or for Ramadan (Muslims) or Navratri (Indian) and also Buddist practices, many people use 'fasting' as a way to cleanse the body and recharge at least once a year.

Fasting, which is already popular with those that follow the 5:2 diet, has may benefits and the new word of the day is AUTOPHAGY!

Autophagy is the cellular cleansing process that removes toxins and and repairs the damage that has been left behind and restores and rejuvenates cells, as well as activating the immune system.

Autophagy usually operates at a normal maintenance level and only steps up a gear when needed within the body (however the older we get the slower the rate of Autophagy and the higher the toxin build up gets, the more damage to cells takes place).

So, how do we get Autophagy to kick in and re-activate our cells?

Well, your body has a wonderful ability to give you strength when you need it most and when the body is under a 'stress', that's when the magic happens and the body will activate Autophagy at a higher rate. If cells lack nutrients or are damaged, a 'stress response' is activated and Autophagy kicks in and your cells are renewed.

As we age, the rate of which our cells renew and recharge (autophagy) slows down dramatically, on average it takes 28 days when we are younger compared to 50 days as we mature.

No matter what you are putting on your face, if your cells aren't regenerating quickly, your skin will look dull, your energy levels will be low, you could gain weight and your immune system is weakened.

Science Part Alert!!

Autophagy speeds up the rate in which Collagen is produced as well as a whole host of other benefits.

Yoshinori Ohsumi won a Nobel Prize for his work on Autophagy in 2016, and a wealth of research has shown that it not only helps skin to look younger, but has huge health benefits.

It has been discoverd by Dr David Rubinsztein of Camberidge University, that proteins in the nerve cells of sufferers of Alzheimers and Parkinsons form in clumps, but if 'Autophagy' is switched on these proteins are removed. He also found it beneficial to infection control and reduces excessive inflammation.

A study found that 'molecular damage is a major underlying cause of disease and ageing, so by replacing the damaged cells with new ones, a protective and preventative effect occurs within the body.

Research shows that a 'fast' (not eating) for a period of 16 hours is enough to deprive the cells of nutrients which triggers the Autophagy response. But it's not only 'Fasting' that has to occur to get the optimum level of Autophagy to occur, here are a few other ways to help kick start the process of Autophagy within your body;

  • Polyphenols: powerful antioxidants help to protect cells by combating 'free-radicals (cells damagers). 'Reservatrol' found in red wine helps to reduce inflammation and supports autophagy (yey!), as well as brightly coloured fruit and veg, peanuts, soybeans, grains and even coffee (but not too much of that please) are all high in polyphenols.

  • Vitamin A: a key aspect of autophagy and a skin loving nutrient that helps to speed up cell renewal

  • Fats: Natural fats such as Omega oils and those found in nuts and avocados, enhance autophagy because they are the body's preferred fuel. Taking Omega's not only stimulates cell renewal but it helps to hydrate the body from within. Omega 3's are particularly effective for those with acne or breakout skin.

  • Caffine: caffine triggers autophagy, possibly because it mimics the effect of calorie restriction on our cells. Caffine in coffee and some tea's can be dehydrating if too muchis consumed but Green tea in particular is high in EGCG's (a type of polyphenol) which helps to reactivate dying cells.

  • Exercise: Autophagy is switched on when the body is given a 'healthy' amount of stress, which is what happens during exercise. Working out reduces fat, which makes autophagy more effective. But beware of excessive exercise, as this can have a reverse effect on the body and it's cells and cause more damage in itself.

  • Sex: It has been proven that a if a woman has 200 orgasms a year it helps to trigger autophagy. Hoorah!!

  • Sleep: It's not called 'Beauty Sleep' for nothing you know. The body is fasting as we sleep and therefore deprived of nutrients. Have a good nights sleep and you wake up feeling great right?!

So basically, eat well, drink red wine, exercise moderately, have lots of sex and get lots of sleep after (said) sex! Winner winner!

So there you have it. A way to renew yourself from the inside out.

Back to the 'spiritual' side of my work.

So I've discussed the effects of Autophagy on the body but what about the mind and spirit?

Well for the brain it's a game changer. Some of the benefits are;

  • Reduction in inflammation: Excessive inflammation is the cause of many chronic diseases that we face today including Alzheimers, dementia, obesity diabetes, and more.

  • Creates more brain cells: fasting has been shown to increase rates of neurogenesis in the brain. Neurogenesis is the growth and development of new brain cells and nerve tissues.

  • Boost “Miracle Grow” In Your Brain: It boosts production of an important protein called BDNF. BDNF has been hailed as “Miracle Grow For Your Brain.” BDNF helps to produce new brain cells, protect your brain cells, stimulate new connections and synapses while also boosting memory, improving mood, and learning.

  • Boosts Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH has been discovered to have incredibly powerful anti-aging and longevity benefits, but in particular HGH can improve cognition, provide neuroprotection, and increase neurogenesis.One study in particular showed that HGH had a neuroprotective effect, preserving your brain health and brain performance.

Now for the effects on the 'Spirit' within us.

Some people find that a spiritual fast is a helpful way to manage a difficult life situation, overcome a test of faith in oneself, or to reconnect with nature. Common motivations for spiritual fasting include:

  • Seeking a sense of purpose or direction

  • In mourning

  • Struggling with a major life choice

  • Overcoming addiction or a crisis

  • Part of a holistic health and wellness practice

A physical fast is also a spiritual fast. Focusing the mind inward for contemplation and meditation. When your body is not using energy to digest food, it has more energy to go towards other things.

Think of someone in a time of grief and mourning. The body's natural reaction is to not eat. The body instinctively is giving strength and renewal in a time of need.

Fasting can focus us on what is really important in life and for yourself.

It can literally help you 'find' yourself.

Ultimately the practice of Autophagy is the complete renewal of oneself. Mind, body and Spirit are all revamped.

So whether you are concerned about ageing, worried about disease and illness or at a stage in life where you feel you need that extra push physically and mentally, then I hope this blog has given you some insight to a new way to detox and renew yourself.

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