Winter Wellbeing with Immune Boosting Massages

Hello again! 

Thank you for your lovely feedback for my last blog, I’m glad you all found it helpful. 

So today, with it being so cold outside and that time of year again when everyone seems to have a sniffle or two, it’s a great time to discuss Winter Wellness and the benefits of massage to keep you healthy during the cold spells.

Through the power of touch massage can increase serotonin and dopamine production to reduce anxiety, depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Toxins are flushed out boosting the immune system. 

In all my massages during the winter I like to use specific essential oils that help to eliminate bugs and open the airways. My sinus and headache massage is always a popular addition to any facial. 

One of of my most popular treatments is the Signature massage, which is a back, neck and shoulder massage combined with a headache and sinus clearing face massage, . A secret blend of essential oils including eucalyptus and clove are used in this massage. 

My Winter Wellness package is something that I advise for my clients as a regular treatment during the winter and they swear by it. My clients have commented how they picked up fewer bugs, colds didn’t last as long as usual and with my Winter Protection rollerball/room burning oils which people have been using at work and at home it seems immune systems have been boosted!

The Package includes the Signature Massage (as above), a mini immune system boosting reflexology foot massage and you get to take home one of the rollerballs.  The oils are a secret blend but include eucalyptus, clove, menthol, frankincense and more. All selected to help kill airborne bugs, open the airways and boost the immune system. 

I advise my clients to have one every 2 -3 weeks and use the rollerball daily.

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Stay healthy this winter!